FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Mobile Binary Signal look like?

Our Signals are easy and quick to read therefore you can act as quickly as possible. Each binary options signal clearly states the conditions of the signal. The signal message is precise and clear and it contains the following information:

Mobile Binary Signal Alert:

  • Asset: EUR/USD
  • Direction: UP
  • Entry Price: 1.37732 or lower
  • Signal Start Time: 2014.03.04. – 12:01 (GMT)
  • Expiry Time: 5 Minutes

How fast do I get the Signals?

All of our Mobile Binary Signals are sent instantly in real time to your mobile device. With our award winning technology our professional signals are sent instantly to your mobile phone as a push notification.

Until what time shall I take the Signal?

It all depends on the market and timing. For example if we send out a 5 minute expiry signal, then you need to act as quickly as you can. You always need to follow our rules. All the rules are written inside the members area. The most important is to only enter into a trade when the price is BETTER than our entry price. You must take the trade within a minute after its given or skip the trade.

Shall I trade every Signal as soon as I receive them?

No. You need to check the actual price first. You only take the trade when the actual price is BETTER than our entry price on the signal. This is the most important rule that you need to follow! More tips and tricks are inside the members area!

Do you send out Signals worldwide to any country?

Yes, we send out Live Binary Signals in real time to any country in the world!

What time zones do you send out the Signals?

We operate on a global level. This means that we have 3 major trading sessions: Asia, UK, US. In every session we send out signals. Inside the Mobile Binary Signals App, you can set your preferred time zone and time of the day while you want to receive Signals. For example you can set it to receive all signals from 9:00 am to 20:00 pm on your local time! This way you will get signals only when you really can focus and take those trades!

On which days do you send out Signals?

We work while the markets are open. This means that we operate from Monday to Friday during the trading sessions.

On my Free trial, will I get the same signals as everyone else?

Yes you will. Everyone subscribed to the 7 Day Free Trial receives the same signals as our paying members.

How much shall I invest into 1 position?

We recommend you use a position size of maximum 5% of your total account balance. Money Management is the most important part of trading, limiting your risk is the key. Inside the members area we will teach you everything how you can successfully grow your account balance.

Why are prices different from your Signals and from the broker I use?

Prices are different on each broker. We use four different brokers. If you would like to get the exact price entry rates that we use you can certainly feel free to trade on our recommended broker’s platform. But you can decide and trade on any broker that you wish.

What kind of mobile devices do you send Signals to?

We provide 2 type of Signals:

  • SMS Signals – these work on all mobile phones: IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry
  • Push Signals  – these work only on IOS and Android operation systems